Ways On How To Ensure Security Of Your Email

An email account is the first component of an individual’s account, and yet it is the one that is always left unguided the most. The email account is usually virtual and considered safe but once it is hacked the consequences are much felt. The problem with an email account that has been hacked is that there is always a domino effect whereby all registration, transactions, renewals, password reminders, etc. will be sent to the owner’s email box. That said below are ways to secure an email account.

How to secure your email account

Have a secure password

According to comcast email login one is required to have a strong password which offers an assurance to protect email accounts. Thus an individual should make sure that the password he uses is complicated, i.e., he should avoid using a password that can easily be guessed by people or hackers but instead should try and use a password that he has not used before. A good password should contain combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

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Setup of SMS alerts

Setting up of SMS alerts is another sure way of ensuring the security of an email account. To set the alerts, an individual would need to go to account settings and add his mobile number to receive the SMS alerts, and when somebody tries to reset his password, Google will send him the password reset code. Alternatively, if he is a Smartphone user he can rely on these SMS alerts and disable password recovery through email.

Check forwarding addresses and filters

If there is a hack on his email account, and after reclaiming his account, he should try and go through the current filters to check if there are tricky ones that have been set up to forward all his credit card, bank account, and other sensitive information to an email that is not his. Additionally, he should go to his email forwarding page and see that all his incoming emails are not sent to the hacker. This would help him avoid getting hacked in the future.

Should login to the account regularly

Even if a hacker will get hold of the answer to his security question he cannot use it immediately to reset the password and break into your email account. A password reset with security will be possible only after twenty-four hours of the account being inactive, and thus he should often check his account.



A simple way for hackers to gather information about an individual is through his email address. Fortunately, many email services today offer profile sharing on their sites directly from the information an individual provides them when creating his email address.