Different Types Of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are very beneficial particularly in areas that experience plenty of people on a daily basis. In various premises, both public and private, from hospitals and hotels to hospices housing elderly and the disabled the installation can be done. There are several types of automatic doors that provide Entrance Access Solutions. Lets us explore them.

Types Of Doors

Automatic Sliding Doorssliding doors

Automatic Sliding Doors are used commonly for two-way or directional traffic. Automatic sliding doors are available in telescopic slide, bi-part slide, and single slide configurations. Habitually, these are supplied as whole packages and can be mounted on the surface or concealed overhead. Slide doors normally incorporate a sliding door panel, operator, header, carrier wheels, jambs, track, lock, and activation system.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Automatic Swinging Doors are usually directional and used for narrow passage, either in or out. The operators can just be supplied as the operator with drive arm and header or as a complete package. They can be installed as overhead or mounted on the surface for push and pull usage. Swing doors are designed for single, pair or double doorway applications.
When provided as a full package, this will include an operator, lock, header, door panel, jambs, guide rails, finger protection, and safety system. An operator with drive arm and header are provided together with a suitable activation and security system when existing door panels are utilized.

Automatic Folding Doors

If space is a problem automatic, folding doors are usually installed in such situations. They are supplied in either bi-fold or single fold arrangements, and pedestrians can move either direction through the same opening. Automatic folding doors come as whole packages comprising of the door panels, header, operator, pivot hardware, guide rails, safety system, and lock.

Low Energy Swinging Doors

A push plate can initiate low Energy Swinging Doors or manually operated. They are available in single, pair, and double doors. Automatic low-energy door operators are intended for usage in areas requiring easier user support. They are prepared in single, pair or double passage configurations.

Revolving Doors

sliding doorsAutomatic revolving doors are used in areas that will attract tremendous amounts of people traffic as they allow people to come in and go out concurrently. Therefore, the doors prevent drafts of cold or hot winds and ensure significant savings on energy hence cost effective. Manufacturing of automatic revolving doors is prepared as a complete package. They come in as two-wing, three-wing and four-wing designs.

Whenever you decide to get an automatic door for your property, many options are obtainable in the market. You can get any of the above options having their diverse functions in mind. Some of the options in automatic doors that you can consider include folding doors, sliding doors, swinging doors, and revolving doors.