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Protecting Your Computer From Viruses

Life becomes static when our computer gets affected by the devastating attack of the viruses. All we need is to save guard our computer and prevent it from the attacks of viruses and other Malware. Viruses possess the power to corrupt the important files stored on the PC as well as can badly affect the hardware of the computer. So besides spending time on other works we need to spend some valuable time in the finding the best way out to protect our computers from virus using the following tips below.

How to stay safe?

Download a High-Quality Computer Virus and Spyware Cleaner

The first thing that every PC user should do is to ensure that their system is enhanced with the latest spyware, adware, and virus protection software. The recommended number of times to run a scan and fix on any system is once every week, and my software can be programmed to conduct these weekly maintenance scans without me having to worry about it.

Regular Updates of the software

Use the Anti- Virus and Malware software on a regular basis and run them on regular Interval to keep your PC free from virus as every new day the birth of new viruses occur

Avoid using the suspicious website

safe buttonBeing unaware if you open up a website, and receives an alert from the Anti-Virus program, close it right at that moment as the site indicates a chance of virus attack.

Knowledge about Virus

Make a thorough research on the various types of virus and the ways to detect whether your PC is under the attack of a virus or not.

Installation of Anti-Virus software

Always keep antivirus software with you from the day you start using the PC. You can download them free from sites.

Updating of windows

Keep updating the windows while protecting the PC. The updating facility comes with security updates to fight against the viruses which are about to attack the PC.

Avail the option of text email

If you are truly serious to protect your PC from virus, then go ahead and change the settings of the email and opt for receiving text email only. The virus is well invited through HTML enabled emails and attachments in files.

Avoid peer to peer file sharing

Avoid sharing of files through peer to peer method as over here you get the opportunity to download files from others computer connected to yours and unknowingly download a virus from the peer computer.

Use of firewall protection

Make your PC enable with Firewall protection to keep protected from an unwanted attack of the virus.

Avoid double installation of anti-Virus

rdfsdgvAvoid the using of two Anti-Virus software at a time as it doesn’t help in protecting from a virus rather create a problem on the PC.